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Azoth’s Xact Xtract™ liquid CO₂ technology enables exact extraction conditions to tune terpene and target compound ratios. One of the many things that makes our method superior is that we run lower pressures and higher flow rates than other stationary extractors. Flow rate is key as it allows faster extraction times by quickly replacing the extract laden CO₂ with fresh CO₂. Our machines operate at lower pressures to keep CO₂ in a liquid state. As a liquid, only essential components are targeted, not contaminants that force post processing, significantly reducing your total processing time and costs. Our method is particularly well suited for co-solvent additions that expand ranges to between ninety and ninety-five percent extraction efficiency. Our machines are also the only to incorporate pressure vessel rotation during the extraction cycle. This effectively eliminates channeling that plagues other extractors. We also offer hybrid systems for customers looking to extract specific compounds not soluble at lower pressures. 

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Xact Xtract Product Spotlight Brochure-1


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Why Choose Xact Xtract?

Over A Decade Of Experience

Our machines have been in operation for over a decade. This means they have been put through their paces and have had everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them. We have been able to make subtle changes based on our customer's inputs to produce the most reliable and efficient machine possible. 

Save Time & Money

With other extractors you are forced to perform time consuming post processing to remove the contaminants that were extracted along with the target compounds. Our high flow rate and innovative features allow for shorter extraction times and little to no post processing allowing you to run more batches and lower your extraction costs. 

Full Featured Automation

We designed our machines to be easy to use with full featured automated controls. You can simply press a button to run an extraction or set custom parameters. Extraction cycles are fully programmable. You can monitor and even take over the process remotely via a phone, tablet, or PC. 

Say Goodbye To Channelling

All other machines use a static extraction vessel. This results in what is known as channeling of the material. Solvent follows the path of least resistance and creates channels in the material that prevent the solvent from contacting the entirety of the material. Our machines completely eliminate this by rotating the vessel automatically to ensure all of the material contacts all of the solvent. 

Top Of The Class

No machine can match our reliability, efficiency, and flow rate. We designed our machines to use large diameter lines and a reliable German built CO₂ pump exclusively built for the Xact Xtract. This allows us to run extremely high flow rates which translates into the quickest liquid CO₂ extractions on the market. Maintenance is quick and easy. 

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