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The Xact Xtract liquid CO  systems are not only the cleanest and fastest way to extract target compounds but offer impressive versatility as well. We also carry capacities that range from small units suitable for boutique, low volume runs to high capacity industrial scale machines. We can meet your needs no matter the scale. Click the button to learn more about what makes our Xact Xtract machines so great!


Small Size.png

For those with a small budget and low throughput requirements.

Medium Size.png

Full automation but in our smallest size. Great for medium sized operations.

Large Size.png

Highest throughput automated machines. Ideal for larger operations looking for industrial scale.

Piston Assembly 2 Transparent.png

Already have an Xact Xtract machine? Click on the button below for all you need to keep your machine running at its best. From extraction bags to pump seals we have everything you need all in one place.     

Replacement Parts 


These are the largest units in our catalog, built for high volume industrial scale extractions. Liquid Automated (LA) models utilize liquid CO  and our highest flow rates to achieve the highest throughput in its class     

New LA700 Isometric View.png


Our Hybrid Automated (HA) machine was built with flexibility in mind. Capable of running both true liquid and supercritical extractions. It boasts three collection vessels to give you the greatest flexibility all during the same extraction run.   



The smallest of the bunch, our Liquid Manual (LM) machine was built for boutique extractions, R&D, and batch testing. It also excels at extracting and perfectly preserving terpenes and volatile compounds. Simple, low cost, and available without the need for electricity. 


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LM Series
HA Series
LA Series
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