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Azoth SolutionsTM

Advance Botanical Products, Processes, and Services

Azoth Solutions is the inspiration of Sheldon and Jon Bray’s combined passions for plants, science and resource efficient systems design. Compelled by the numerous challenges and opportunities of horticulture, the Bray brothers introduced two innovative product solutions at both ends of the plant-life spectrum; growing healthier, more robust plants faster, then safely extracting and separating those plant’s essential components.
Azoth Solutions' products and processes are designed with our core value in mind; engineer the most resource efficient and cost-effective solutions available. We believe that superior products and services deliver superior results. That's Azoth Solutions

Products & Services

Lab Grade Equipment

Consulting Services


“I’m so happy I chose to work with Azoth Solutions. From the initial consultation all the way through the project’s conclusion, the service I received was impeccable and the end result really brought my vision to life.”

Jessie Brown

“You helped us expand our brand to a level we never thought possible. Thank you, Azoth Solutions, for believing in us and pushing us forward. We really couldn’t have done it without you.”

Avery Smith

“When I needed advice, Azoth Solutions was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With their help, we managed to get back on track in no time.”

Skyler Adelson

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Here's a peek at what we offer through our online store. Click on the shop button for more.

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