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A horticulture system that optimizes growth without the need for any soil or medium. Our vertical aeroponics system makes the most efficient use of your square footage. Not only does this give you more flexibility on where you can grow but it improves how you grow. Due to efficiencies on multiple levels you will use less nutrients, water, labor, and energy while experiencing faster, explosive plant growth. Our high efficiency low pressure fog system is at the heart of CUBIX and delivers nutrient laden mist directly to the roots for maximum uptake. 
With built in redundancies and self-clearing nozzles
we built our system to be as reliable as it is easy to 
use. CUBIX True Aeroponics™ is proof that resource 
and time efficiency is how superior, cost-effective 
plants are grown.

Why Choose CUBIX?

Smaller Footprint More Grow Space

For the same area as a traditional horizontal growing setup our system provides sixteen times more growing area. Not only does this maximize growing space but it allows cost-effective farming installations in a wide range of locations not previously viable, from industrial estates to urban warehouses.

Less Resources

Most vertical systems use hydroponics which is a system renowned for being very efficient. We chose to improve on that efficienty with an aeroponics system. You can expect to use significantly less water and nutrients than even the highest efficiency hydronics setup. Add to that the significant reduction in labor costs due to ease of use and you have a system that yields high quality product at the lowest possible cost.

Use Less Energy

Vertical farming allows the use of LED grow light technology. This technology has come a long way and is now cost effective and easily scalable along with extremely low energy requirements. Additionally our aeroponics system only requires two small pumps to run multiple units.

More Greens

All these efficiencies add up. You will grow more plants in a smaller space, nutrient uptake increases, air circulation improves, plant stress is eliminated. You will experience faster growth and healthier plants which translates into greater biomass production, more greens for everyone.   

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